NarrowpathfinancialDonald Dority

We offer investment management, comprehensive financial planning, and consulting on small business 401(k), Defined Benefit Pension or Cash Balance Plans and investment management for these plans.  Located just a few miles from downtown Wellington!


Basic Business Investor Since February 6th, 2019

Membership Level: Basic Business

Categories: Business ServicesConsultingEstate AssistanceFinancial ServicesInvestmentsM-RMutal Funds

5313 North County Road 11
Fort Collins, CO 80524 US

(970) 219-0936 (Main)
(720) 230-4877 (Fax)

PartnersroofingJames VanDress


Business Plus Investor Since October 31st, 2018

Membership Level: Business Plus

Categories: ContractorsM-RRoofing Services

PO Box 1153
Wellington, Colorado 80549 US

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


970-407-9007 (Office)
970-218-5855 (Cell)

Shelley CarrollRealities
Membership Director

Basic Business Investor since September 19th, 2018.

Membership Level: Basic Business

Categories: Advertising and MarketingM-RNon-Profit Organizations

Realities For Children

308 East County Road 30
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 US

(970) 484-9090 Ext. 101

Andrew & Jennifer HockNCL


Business Plus Investor Since July 30th 2018

Membership Level: Business Plus

Categories: Deck/Fence and Patio BuildersLandscape and Sprinkler InstallationLandscape MaterialsLandscapingLandscaping ServicesM-RTree Farm

Northern Colorado Landscapes, LLC

10915 North County Road 7
Wellington, Colorado 80549 US

Monday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Call for appointment (970) 568-4117)


(970) 568-4117 (Main)
(970) 568-4117 (Fax)

Rita Henning
CEO / FounderPoepletreedevelopment

Membership Level: Home Based Business

Categories: Assessment PlatformBusiness ServicesM-ROrganizational Assessment & StrategyTeam & Employee Development

3415 Adams Ct
Wellington, CO 80549 United States

970-219-9884 (Main)

Nathan Fronczak

Business Plus Member Since October 2nd, 2017Many Colors Painting, Inc.

Membership Level: Business Plus

Categories: Commercial Painting / Wall CoveringM-RPainting Services

Many Colors Painting, Inc.

117 Vandy Lane
Fort Collins, CO 80549 US



PriorityhomeinspPhil Smith

Home Based Business Since 5/17/18

Membership Level: Home Based Business

Categories: ContractorsHome InspectionsM-RReal Estate

Priority Home Inspections, LLC

9062 Plainsman Drive
Wellington, CO 80549 US

(970) 294-3450 (Office)
(970) 294-3450 (Fax)
(970) 889-4043 (Cell)

Josh Fountain

Business Plus Member Since 4/5/18Prosportstherapy

Membership Level: Business Plus

Categories: M-RMedicalPhysical TherapyRehabilitationSports Medicine

6598 Buttercup Drive
Wellington, Colorado 80549 US


(970) 699-2260


Chamber On Wheels Investment Since 1/17/18

Membership Level: Business On Wheels

Categories: HVAC-Heating & Air ConditioningM-R

3793 Torch Lily Street
Wellington, Colorado 80549 US

(970) 691-0100 (Main)

Janet Aitken
Freelance Writer

Home Based Investment Since September 15, 2017

Membership Level: Home Based Business

Categories: Advertising and MarketingM-RMarketing

7550 Eustis Drive
Wellington, Colorado 80549 US

(303) 641-7335 (Main)