“Own Your Summer”
Hosted By: Lisa Christopherson
Entrepreneur, Owner of Polished Nail Spa and Leader of a Non-Profit

We look forward to networking with everyone on the new patio!!
Polished Nail Spa 8136 South 2nd Street, Wellington

Come join the Women of Wellington in our first ‘in person’ event in over a year! Hosted by Lisa Christopherson at Polished Spa. We will celebrate the start of summer and explore different ways to add little extras to your days and nights. Find out about the latest in games and activities for backyard fun. Learn how to glamourize your camping…Glamping! Discover some fresh easy cocktail recipes to serve your guests. Picnic ideas and more! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with speed networking and kick-off to the summer with a smore bar on Polished Spa’s new patio! Lisa Christopherson is an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader of a non-profit. All of her endeavors exist to create opportunities for women. In 2006, she learned about the injustice of human trafficking and the need to help women once they were rescued. She started buying their handmade goods and creating a market to sell them. This not only gave these rescued women an income but also instilled the confidence and healing they needed to recover from their horrific pasts. She has since traveled to India, Nepal, Spain, and Guatemala to meet vulnerable and rescued women and learn more about the world of human trafficking. In recent years, she has been working locally and has developed workshops for local women needing sustainable incomes. By starting a brand to support the importing of these and other handmade goods and by purchasing Polished Spa in Wellington Lisa has been able to forge ahead. She plans to use this business as yet another outlet for some of the products she has procured and as a means of forging relationships in the business world to continue her passion for women helping women. Lisa has a background in leadership, social work, parenting, and the medical field with the goal to always remains service-oriented.