Live Your Best Life in Wellington

History of Wellington

Wellington is located north of the City of Fort Collins and the area offers over 400 restaurants, cultural centers, small specialty shops, large shopping malls and many other resources and programs.

Wellington Schools

The schools in Wellington have an exceptional reputation, both locally and nationally, for the quality and results of their programs.

Relocation Resources

Welcome to Wellington, Colorado and thank you for considering Wellington as your new home or business location.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers often join an organization at level one (self serving) or level two (because of a friend), but in time they become true believers and passionate about the cause. This is our goal with each member of our organization.

Fitness & Recreation

There is so much to do in and around Wellington, Colorado.  Get involved with fun community events, enjoy our great outdoor areas and activities from hiking, to biking, to kayaking and more!


This is a list of Utility Companies in our area that you will need to contact to change or order new services


Wellington’s excellent location provides quick access to many important and valuable services such as top quality medical facilities, while still providing that small town ambience and sense of community.


Here you will find a listing of vehicle, major highways, air travel and nearby cities that service Wellingon.

Demographic Profile

Demographics is the collection of data regarding a specific population. It is frequently used as a business marketing tool to determine the best way to reach customers and assess their behavior. Segmenting a population by using demographics allows companies to determine the size of a potential market.